Sauna healthy? It definitely is!

Definitely, the sauna is healthy. Regularly, for example once a week, going into the sauna increases your body’s resistance and you will be less susceptible to flu, colds and other such annoying illnesses. Sauna helps the body to produce white blood cells and antibodies. White blood cells help to fight diseases. Besides, sweating also cleanses your pores.

People often go to the sauna to relax and warm up in winter. After a sauna visit of around 15 minutes, your body temperature rises by an average of about 1.5 degrees.

This increase in body temperature has to be got rid of somehow. That’s why proper cooling is just as important as warming up. If you do not cool down properly, you run the risk of ‘after sweating’, headaches and tightness in the chest.

By us you can rent/reserve the sauna for an hour and a half, the cost is € 17.50 including a soft drink/water

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