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Domestic regulations Camperpark Midas

Welcome to Camperpark Midas

The general conditions for tourist pitches apply to our camper park.

In addition to the general conditions for tourist pitches, we also apply these 'Rules and regulations camper park Midas

Article 1: 'Campers only'

1.1. General

Camperpark Midas is exclusively intended for use by campers. Other forms of residential recreation, such as with a touring caravan or trailer, etc., are not permitted at the camper park. In view of this, a tow-away regulation applies to the camper park.

1.2. Motor home length

The maximum permitted length of campers at the Midas Recreation Ground (excluding any trailer) is 10 metres. If your camper is longer than 10 metres, you pay two euros extra per day.

1.3. use of camper service station

In addition to their stay and overnight accommodation, motor homes may make use of the camper service stations for the specific facilities required by motor homes (including filling up with clean drinking water, discharging waste water and toilet and disposing of household waste).

Article 2: Agreement

A contract is deemed to have been formed by the mere fact of holding an access code and using the camper van park. In the event of any dispute as to whether the camper park is or has been used, the fact that the holiday maker is or has been on the site belonging to the camper park will be decisive.

Article 3: Entry and payment, arrival and departure


The entrepreneur shall be entitled to refuse or deny access to the camper park to any holiday maker and/or camper van if the entrepreneur deems this desirable, taking into consideration the principles of reasonableness and fairness.

1.2 The campers staying at the camper park must meet the same conditions as those applying to campers on the public highway (registered number plate, third party insurance, etc.).

1.3 Access to the camper van park is closed between 23.00 and 06.00 in connection with the night's rest of our guests and the disturbance of the surrounding nature. Outside of these times, the holiday maker has unrestricted access. The stop & go areas are available 24/7. It is, of course, possible for holidaymakers to leave the camper park at any time in the event of an emergency by using a (paid) access code via the barrier at the exit. In addition, you can leave and/or return the camper park at any time on foot or by bicycle.

2. Payment

2.1 The motor home park is fully automated. We make limited use of a reception desk. Every holiday-maker is obliged to check himself and his fellow holiday-makers in at the payment machine upon arrival (self-service check-in). This check-in is also compulsory in connection with our obligation to keep a guest register, so that in the event of an emergency the emergency services can be informed of the number of persons present (or likely to be present) on the grounds.

2.2 If, during an inspection, it is established that holidaymakers, fellow holidaymakers or third parties are spending the night on the camper site without having first reported this to the entrepreneur, the agreement will be terminated with immediate effect, without restitution of the accommodation costs and/or other services already paid.

2.3 During the period for which you have paid for your stay, you will have unrestricted access to the camper van park and can use your access code to leave and re-enter the camper van park as often as you like, since your registration number has been registered.

2.4 At the payment terminal you can indicate how long you wish to stay in our camper van park and which services you wish to use. If you have checked in, you can pay at the end of this process with your debit or credit card. Or if you have made a reservation, you have probably already paid everything.

For security reasons, it is not possible to pay in cash.

2.5 During your stay, you can use your access code at any time to pay for additional services in the pay machine, such as electricity or drinking water, or to extend your stay.

3. Arrival

3.1 Check-in is possible throughout the year.

There are also a number of 'stop & go' places available if you arrive later than 23.00. These places are also payable for access to the sanitary building. These places are also subject to payment for access to the sanitary building.

4. Departure

4.1 On the day of departure your camper van pitch must be vacated by the time your paid stay ends. If you have not left on time, the barrier at the exit cannot be opened with your access code. You will then be required to make an additional payment at the barrier.

4.2 In the event of early departure or removal, there will be no refund of the deposit already paid for the camper van.

Article 4: Camper Parking

4.1 A maximum of one camper van can stay on each camper van pitch.

4.2 We kindly request that you do not manoeuvre your camper unnecessarily on the camper van pitches, in order to prevent any damage to the grounds.

4.3 It is forbidden to discharge your waste water and/or toilet on or near the camper ground. You are obliged to dispose of your waste water and/or toilet at the camper service stations in the designated facilities.

4.4 The holiday maker is obliged to keep his camper ground clean during his stay. The camper site must be left behind clean and tidy upon departure.

Article 5: Power supply

5.1 If you make use of the power supply on your camper ground, you will have access to 16 amps (= 3,520 Watts). This is more than sufficient to be able to use all the comforts of your campervan.

5.2 Only one motor home may use electricity on each camper site. Connecting a power supply from one camper site to other camper sites is strictly prohibited,

5.3 If, despite the large amount of electrical power available, a power failure occurs due to a short circuit, the fuse on your connection will be blown. If possible, we will try to remedy the fault as soon as possible. However, it is strictly forbidden to repair the power supply in the meter box on the site yourself. In the event that the power failure is caused by the holiday maker him/herself and the power supply cannot be used for a short or longer period of time, the money already paid for the power purchase will not be refunded.

Article 6: Traffic

6.1 The (Dutch) Road Traffic Act and the Road Traffic and Traffic Signals Regulations apply to the camper park Midas. While on the grounds of the camper park, the holiday maker must behave in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, the further rules laid down under this Act, the Road Traffic and Traffic Signals Regulations and the accompanying appendices, including the further rules laid down under said regulations. In the event of non-observance thereof, the holiday maker shall be liable for any resulting damage and/or accidents.

6.2 The holiday maker shall further be obliged to follow the instructions of the entrepreneur, to park the vehicle at the indicated or to be indicated place and to behave in such a way that the traffic at the camper site is not hindered and that safety is not endangered.

6.3 Campers must drive at walking pace (= max. 10 km/hour) on the camper van park and be considerate of other campers.

Article 7: Peace and quiet

7.1 Quietness on the grounds is - in addition to space - an important characteristic of the Midas camper park. Also in view of the fact that the camper park is situated in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve, we request that you behave calmly at all times and treat nature with respect. Driving a camper van should be kept to a minimum in order to maintain the peace and quiet of the grounds.

7.2 The evening rest starts at 22.00, the night rest at 23.00 and lasts until 6.00.

7.3 The use of strong sound sources is prohibited. Outside the aforementioned hours, the use of radio, TV, musical instruments or other sound-producing devices is permitted, provided that you do not cause a nuisance or annoyance.

7.4 Noisy behaviour, for example in groups, is not permitted.

Article 8: Open fire

8.1 It is absolutely prohibited to make an open fire, such as a campfire. Fire baskets and fire pots etc. are also not permitted.

8.2 Barbecuing is allowed, provided this is done safely and at least 50 cm above the grass, so that the grass does not burn. Other holidaymakers must not be disturbed by barbecuing.

8.3 In the event of an emergency, you may use the fire extinguishers present at the camper park.

Article 9: Waste

9.1 You must keep your camper ground free of refuse.

9.2 Your household waste must be disposed of separately in the containers located at the water tap under the canopy (think of the environment).

9.3 Toilets may only be emptied in the toilet disposal area.

9.4 The waste water tank of your camper must be emptied at the service point. It is forbidden to empty waste water onto your camper van pitch.

9.5 It is prohibited to leave litter and/or cigarettes on the camper van park.

Article 10: Pets

10.1 Pets may not cause a nuisance to other holidaymakers and must be kept on a leash at all times (with the exception of the off-leash area).

10.2 Pets may not be left alone in the camper.

10.3 Pets may be taken out on the camper van in the forest area with footpaths, provided they are kept on a lead. Feces - both inside and outside the camper van park - must be cleaned up immediately and disposed of in a closed bag in the containers for household refuse.

Article 11: Sanitary Facilities (toilets, showers and launderette)

11.1 You can only enter the sanitary building by using your access code. With this code you can open the doors.

11.2 We keep the sanitary building as clean as possible. Please help us to keep it that way.

11.3 Smoking is not allowed in the sanitary building. Please dispose of cigarettes and the like in the appropriate facilities and do not leave them on the street.

11.4 The toilets and showers may only be used for their intended purpose.

11.5 In order to prevent blockages in the sewage system, it is not permitted to use the toilets to flush so-called moist and/or disposable cleaning cloths and/or sanitary towels/tampons. Please dispose of these items in the appropriate waste bins.

Article 12: Shortcomings

Culpable shortcoming

1.1 In the event that the holiday maker does not adequately fulfil any obligation resting upon him on the grounds of the law, local regulations and customs and/or the agreement concluded with him, including the terms and conditions applicable thereto, then the holiday maker shall be obliged to compensate the entrepreneur for any loss, suffered by him as a consequence of the aforementioned error, negligence or any other default.

1.2 In the event that the entrepreneur is obliged to issue a summons, notice of default or other writ to the holiday maker, or in the event of necessary proceedings against the holiday maker, then the latter shall be obliged to pay to the entrepreneur any costs made in connection therewith, including the costs of legal assistance, both judicial and extrajudicial, unless the proceedings were wrongfully instituted.

1.3 The entrepreneur shall at all times be entitled to take possession of the camper and to take appropriate measures, such as installing a wheel clamp, as long as everything that the entrepreneur has to claim from the holiday maker, either on the grounds of the agreement or on any other grounds, has not been paid.

1.4 Towing away regulation. Only campers are allowed on camper park Midas. In the event that the holiday maker has left behind any other camping means than a camper van, such as a caravan, tent or folding trailer on the camper van park, the entrepreneur shall be entitled to immediately remove (or have removed) the camping means left behind from the camper van park and to store them elsewhere. This removal may take place without any prior verbal and/or written request or summons from the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur shall charge the costs of removal, temporary storage and/or parking and any fines to the holiday maker. In such a case there shall also be no restitution of any parking fee paid for the camper van.

In the event that the holiday maker has not collected the camping means within three months after it has been removed, then the entrepreneur shall only be obliged to compensate the holiday maker for the sales proceeds minus the dues payable for the camper site, any fines and the costs of the entrepreneur in connection with the removal and temporary storage of the camping means.

In the event that the deposit owed for the camper site, any fines and the entrepreneur's costs are higher than the proceeds of the camping means, the holiday maker shall have to pay all these extra costs to the entrepreneur.

Non-imputable shortcoming

A shortcoming cannot be attributed to entrepreneur if it is due to a circumstance independent of the will of entrepreneur as a result of which the fulfilment of the obligations from the agreement can not reasonably be required by the holiday maker.

Article 13:


1.1 The agreement concluded between the parties does not include any security. Therefore, the entrepreneur does not accept any liability for burglary, theft or loss of property of the holiday maker. In case of absence, the holiday maker must lock up his camper properly and take preventive measures against burglary and/or theft.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur does not accept any liability for any damage to the property of the holiday maker, nor for any physical injury and/or any other damage, directly or indirectly caused by or as a consequence of the use of the facilities at the camper park, unless the damage has been caused directly by or on behalf of the entrepreneur and this liability is not excluded in any other article of these Terms and Conditions. The term 'holiday maker' shall be understood to include fellow holiday makers and third parties.

1.2 The holiday maker shall be liable for any and all damage caused by him or his fellow holiday makers. Any damage caused by the holiday maker to the camper park or its equipment and/or installations must be immediately reported to the entrepreneur and must be compensated for on site or must be paid for by the holiday maker after the entrepreneur has drawn up an estimate of the damage, notwithstanding the stipulations of article 13 paragraph 1.3.

1.3 Furthermore, the entrepreneur does not accept any liability for shortcomings in connection with the use of the facilities of the camper park or in connection with other services offered by or on behalf of the entrepreneur at the camper park, unless the holiday maker can demonstrate that it is a matter of negligence on the part of the entrepreneur.

Article 14:

1. Conversion

In the event that any stipulation in the agreement concluded between the entrepreneur and the holiday maker, including the General Terms and Conditions and these Household Regulations, is null and void or annullable or that the other party asserts that any stipulation is not applicable because in the circumstances this would be unacceptable in the standards of reasonableness and fairness. the holiday maker states that any stipulation is not applicable because this would be unacceptable according to standards of reasonableness and fairness in the given circumstances and the court honours or accepts an appeal in this respect, this stipulation must be converted into a stipulation that does justice to the contents of the null and void and/or annulled and/or left out of application as much as possible.

2. Dutch law

This agreement is governed by Dutch law. The competent court is the court in Almelo.

3. Domicile

All written notices, including summonses, arising from or connected with the agreement, the General Conditions and/or these Internal Regulations, must be sent to

Camperpark Midas
Markeloseweg 94
7461PB Rijssen

Or to an address specified by the entrepreneur.

4. Rules and manners

Every holiday maker, fellow holiday maker and/or third party is obliged to observe the rules of these Household Regulations and to observe generally accepted forms of behaviour. In case of violation of these rules, we are entitled to terminate the agreement with you and to refuse or deny access to the grounds without restitution of services already paid for.

5. Complaints and suggestions

Although we will do our utmost to make your stay at the Midas campsite as pleasant as possible, you may still have complaints or suggestions as to how things could be improved. Please report any complaints or ideas to the campsite manager as soon as possible. If you do not agree with something, do not complain to your fellow holidaymakers, but take it to the proprietor.

6. Unforeseen matters

In all cases not covered by these rules and regulations, the entrepreneur reserves the right to take additional measures or decisions.

The proprietor reserves the right to make any exceptions to these rules.


In the event of questions, remarks or uncertainties, you can always contact us via 0031 (0) 6 53 91 10 34

We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay at Camperpark Midas!

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