GPS: N 52.287114, O 6.533064


Camperpark Midas has special environmentally friendly fire extinguishers on the entire site and in the buildings. Saval fire fighting has issued a certificate for this to Midas because they have purchased fluorine-free extinguishers.

Ammovit mobil for a better environment because it does not burden the sewers and treatment plants and when used in the garden causes fertile soil.

Senertec / Dachs: Alternative heating and hot water supply that, as with product, generates 3 kWh of electricity for own use and also emits 90000 kg / co² less compared to natural gas. A better environment is important to all of us.

Milieu Service Nederland has certified midas camper park because the park offers a tightly separated waste stream, which means that the environment is less burdened. Do you help for a better environment?