GPS: 54° 26' 25" N / 12° 39' 39" E.

A warm welcome to Camperpark Midas

House rules

  • Upon arrival you are to report to the automatic registration column. Once registered, you will receive a code to access the sanitation building and to activate electricity.
  • Your camper must be positioned as close to the grass lawns as possible. These are there for you as a sitting place and can be used for that purpose only.
  • On our camper park a maximum of two dogs per camper is allowed. In case you have more than two dogs, please contact the park manager via email or telephone first. Dogs must be on a leash at all times; there is an enclosed run-off area for dogs on the park. We kindly ask you to keep the area tidy by cleaning up your dog’s excrements and to deposit these in the designated waste bins straightaway.
  • Waste needs to be separated and put away in the designated containers.
  • The sanitation building is spacious and luxurious and is cleaned thoroughly every day. As we wish to offer the highest standard of hygiene, we kindly ask you to keep it tidy, too.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the building.
  • To ensure everyone’s unlimited access to the toilet, it is prohibited to flush any kind of disposable (wet) wipes and/or sanitary towels.
  • In case of watching TV or listening to the radio: please use an acceptable volume so that you can enjoy your programme without hindering any neighbours.
  • Campfires, fire pits or any other forms of fire are prohibited.
  • Barbecuing is allowed, provided that this happens in a safe way and at least 50cms/20’’ above the grass. Please make sure others are not hindered by this.
  • Camperpark Midas is exclusively for staying and overnight stops with a camper. Other forms of accommodation are not allowed.
  • Next to staying and overnight stops, customers can make use of paid services by the Camper Service Stations for the purpose of specific and necessary services and supplies, such as fuelling, obtaining clean drinking water, disposing waste water, emptying chemical toilets and the disposal of domestic waste.
  • For your own safety and to prevent vandalism and theft, the camper park has CCTV-security.
  • In case of any complaints, considerations or suggestions, please speak to the park manager.

We wish you a most pleasant and enjoyable stay on Camperpark Midas.